We offer professional grooming in a clean and healthy environment.
A day at the Grooming Salon should be enjoyable for your pet. The breed of your dog or cat will constitute how often we need to pamper them. Our goal is to not only groom your pet, but also maintain your pet's coat and skin in great condition and helping you with any problems that may come up during the life of your pet. We will happily show you how to brush your pet to keep them looking good between appointments. This will help to make their appointment a pleasant experience.

Appointments are recommended.
For dogs, full grooming includes: Bath, Brushing, Fluff drying, Nail clipping, Ear cleaning, Feet, Sanitary shave and styling the coat. Extras are Teeth brushing, and Pawdicures.

A Day at the Spa
Stage 1: Following drop-off, at 7:00 am to 8:30 am, all dogs are brushed out thoroughly to check for any skin irritations or fleas, and dematted if necessary.

Stage 2: All dogs are prepped for their baths. This step consists of trimming and buffing nails, shaving pads and potty paths, cleaning and plucking ears and pre-bath shave if necessary.

Stage 3: Then it is off to the tub for a massage bath and blow dry.

Stage 4: When dry, they are again brushed out and fluffed.

Stage 5: The hair is cut and styled.

The dogs are finished in order of first in first out (FIFO) unless special arrangements are made at time of drop off with the following exceptions: boarding dogs, senior dogs, dogs with health concerns and puppies under 6 months. (These dogs receive priority status.) In order to make your pet as comfortable as possible, they are walked and given water and treats throughout the day. Bandanas and Bows are provided at no charge.